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Secondary Containment
Fuel industry
are making it
mandatory that
(including gravity
head) below
ground fuel lines
are secondary
contained or
installed in a
bunded area.
PLX Secondary
‘Close-Fit’ and ‘Pipe-In-Pipe’ systems provide
security against accidental fuel losses whilst
providing an opportunity for continuous
interstitial monitoring and environmental
protection in both below ground and above
ground applications.
Durapipe PLX: A high performance multi-layered polyethylene composite pipe system, supplied in single wall and
secondary containment product ranges for various fuelling applications in retail, commercial and industrial markets.
Fusion welded for the greatest joint integrity PLX is a specialist range of pipe and fittings specifically designed for the
safe transfer of fuel-based liquids and their vapour in pumped or vacuum applications.
PLX Fittings Range
The PLX system comprises of a wide range of Single Wall and Secondary Contained Electrofusion (EF), Spigot and combined
EF#Spigot fittings in couplers, elbows, tees and closures. The jointing of PLX systems by means of electrofusion offers a
permanent, rapid and convenient method of creating leak-free joints.
PLX electrofusion fittings are designed to work on a fixed fusion time for environmental temperatures between -5°C and
+23°C. Fusion cycle temperature compensation times must be applied at temperatures below -5°C and above +23°C.
When using a manual input Electrofusion Control Unit (ECU) the variant compensation time needs to be added/subtracted.
Transition Fittings
Reliable connection to steel components is vital in most plastic pipe systems and none more so than in fuel applications.
PLX transitions combine the benefits of steel and plastics to ensure their design is resistant to end load and bending forces.
Available in either spigot or electrofusion format PLX transition fittings have been innovatively designed to suit their intended
application and provide ease of installation. Manufactured using the highest grade materials, transition fittings are available
in single wall and secondary contained format.
Single Wall
– size ranges 32-160mm for below ground applications.
– size ranges 32#40, 50#63, and 63#75mm for below
ground applications.
– size ranges 32#63, 50#90, 63#110, 90#160,
110#160mm for specific above and below
ground applications.
Pressure Rating
PLX Primary pipework has a maximum
pressure rating of 10bar at 20°C
Durapipe PLX Secondary pipework has a
maximum pressure rating of 4bar at 20°C
Durapipe PLX
PLX offers tremendous advantages over traditional materials:
Single Wall and Secondary Contained systems available
Safe and Durable (30 year design life)
High Performance 10bar primary pipes
Corrosion Resistant
Maintenance Free
Resists permeation
Quick, clean and easy Electrofusion Jointing and Installation
Dedicated range of matched fittings
Dimensional stability
Strong and robust
UV Resistant
Full range of accessories and jointing tools
Allows for interstitial monitoring and environmental protection
The PLX range is comprised of three systems, Single Wall, Secondary Contained Close-Fit and Pipe-In-Pipe.
Primary Pipe sizes up to 315mm are available on request.
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