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Combo Island
Designed and manufactured by
Berrys the Combo Island is a
fine example of our continuing
commitment to the design and
development of equipment to
improve forecourt operation.
Combo Island provides a
permanent solution to under
pump sump problems and
is suitable for Pressure or
Suction applications. Combo
Island makes cost savings too by eliminating the need for
traditional, expensive pump island surrounds.
Tools and Consumables
Whether you require a ¼” Paint Brush or a 36” Set of
Stillsons, Berrys can supply. We hold stock of specialist
jointing compound such as Loctite, Bondloc and Heldite.
PTFE Tape/String, Silicone Sealant and much more.
Our tools range includes
Screwdrivers, Spirit Levels,
Measuring Tapes, Allen
Keys, Stillsons and Hand
Pipe Threading Dies to
name just a few. We also
keep in stock Health and
Safety equipment such
as Hard Hats, Gloves,
Ear Defenders and High
Visibility clothing.
Tank Straps
In 2007 we introduced Tank Holding Down Straps into
our product range. These can be ordered to suit any tank
diameter. Since they became part of our range Berrys has
sold over 3000 in the UK.
The manufacture of mild steel fabrications has
complemented our supply to the industry for many
years, made to either our own design, or to customers’
Our services and products include:
Man-lid Modifications
Steel Tube and Section Fabrications
Pump Stands
Vent and Off-set Fill Frames
Pump Barriers
Safety Platforms
Suction Pipes
Bush, Plug and Fill Pipe Extractor kit
Adaptor Plates
Fibrelite Composite Covers
Fibrelite tank access covers are designed and
manufactured specifically for use on petrol and diesel
forecourts to provide easy access to manholes and to
comply with current health and safety demands.
Red Jacket Pumps
The Red Jacket Submersible Turbine Pump has been
specifically designed to eliminate spills that can occur
during service, and to integrate with Veeder-Root industry
leading leak detection systems.
Environmental and
Pollution Control
Full retention separators available in 1 to 3 compartment
configurations for forecourt applications, car wash,
jet wash etc.
Oil Alarm System
These are available to meet PPG3 Guidelines. A visual
and audible warning is provided by the control unit.
A dedicated tube is provided within the separator.
Separators Class 1
Class I and II Enviroceptors for forecourt applications.
Designed to comply with European Standard EN858
and Pollution Precaution PPG3, specifically to contain
a spillage from a 7600 litre road tanker compartment.
Silt Traps
Available for car wash and jet wash applications.
Hinged heavy duty grill is provided.
Monitoring Wells
12”diameter cover with an optional galvanised or
polyethylene skirt. Water tight lid, with buna seal,
incorporates cast-in identification triangle.
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