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What is Midas
A system that is fitted to the above or below ground filling points
on each bulk fuel storage tank at petrol filling stations. The unit
comprises of a valve with intelligent control that can discriminate
between petrol and diesel grades of fuel. The purpose of the unit is
to stop the wrong product entering the tank and causing a misfuel.
How Does Midas Work
The device will be calibrated during installation for either Diesel
or Petrol products, the system will then instantly read the fuel
that’s being delivered and if correct open the valve to allow the
filling operation to continue. If an incorrect fuel type is detected
the valve will stay closed and the unit will alarm both audibly and
visually to alert the driver to the mistake.
The design and development project was initiated following a
meeting on a petrol forecourt with oil company engineers, who
indicated that misfuelling storage tanks with incorrect fuel was a
major issue, both environmentally and financially.
Why Specify Midas
Midas protects your business from costly contaminated
fuel uplifts and disposals
Midas ensures there’s no associated disruption to
your forecourt
Midas protects your customers from misfuelling
their vehicles
Midas protects your business from 3rd party damages
and claims
Midas protects your brand image and reputation
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