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Advanced Tank Lid
Assembly System
The Gen 2 Mono is a progression from our Gen 1 Mono system, which has been
designed alongside industry specialists who work with the system on site, making
it the most cost effective and installer friendly chamber system on the market.
The chamber is constructed from mild steel plate with predefined pipe entry and
exit positions, giving the installer a range of potential site layout options.
Our new generation chamber system is welded directly to the fuel storage tank
during manufacture and is coated with the same endoprene protective finish
as the tank. This makes the Gen 2 an extension of the tank, and completely
eliminates the large potential leak path associated with bolting chambers to
upstands. It also means that it benefits from the same 30 year constructional
warranty as the tank, which is completely unique as far as chamber systems go.
All the labour-intensive processes associated with the previous version have
been removed and replaced with a simpler quicker installation system.
The previous two part chamber / corbel has been replaced with a single
steel corbel system which is fully integrated into the chamber. Once again,
this removes one of the larger potential leak paths associated with corbel
systems, which are traditionally bolted or chemically bonded together.
Having this integrated corbel system removes hours of work on site and
substantially increases the success rate for a chamber vacuum test.
The pipe entry boot system has also been redesigned to offer a simple two
boot system. The larger boot offers stepped positions for a pipe range of
125-110-90mm and the smaller boot sizes of 75-63-50mm. The boots can
be either cut to the appropriate pipe size or alternatively they can be left as
‘blank’ to then act as sealing caps for the pipe entry positions.
Integrated Corbel
Pipe Entry Boot Systems
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