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Traditional suction systems are used by many oil companies and
petrol retailers.
Atlas Mono Gen 2 can provide up to six suction lines per tank lid,
including Vent and Stage 2.
Whatever the decision, suction or pressure, Atlas Mono Gen 2
products are proven to offer tried and trusted systems.
Mono Gen 2 chambers can be first stage vacuum tested in the
factory ensuring a watertight leak free chamber. An on site vacuum
test is performed once all works such as pipe install, electrical and
gauge works have been completed. This gives the client peace
of mind that they are getting a genuine liquid and vapour tight
chamber system.
The advent of sites requiring pressurised fuel delivery systems instead
of the traditional suction method was historically necessary on
large sites such as motorway service areas and supermarkets, with
pumps and tanks being too far apart for suction systems to operate
efficiently. Submersible pressurised systems allow for higher flow
rates across longer distances as well as reduced noise pollution and
the implied greener alternative in regards to energy savings.
Fully welded system which arrives
on site welded to the tank
Fully integrated corbel system
eliminating any need to seal
Precision machined angle
check valves
Modular fittings
Stainless steel components
compatible with all known
fuel types
Easy to change layout
Largest amount of tank lid
modules on any tank lid in
the market
Modular offset fill unit
Integrated drop tube locking
ring system
Endoprene coated with the
storage tank thereby benefiting
from the same life expectancy
as the tank
30 year constructional warranty
Significantly reduced leak paths
compared to competitor products
Vacuum testable
Installer and user friendly
Corrosion resistant componentry
Plug-and-play design to link
seamlessly in with the Berrys’
range of ATLAS products
Bespoke electrical entry positions,
allowing a quick and easy install
for electrical contractor
Can save as much as 5 working
days on installation against some
competitor products
Can be retrofitted to existing sites
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Vacuum Testing
Pressure Systems
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