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Berrys’ under pump sumps have exactly the same design
principle as our successful Mono Gen 2 tank chambers,
fabricated from stainless steel with the pipe entry
positions having stubs welded into them so boots can
be tightened to both stubs and pipework giving that all
important water/fuel tight solution Berrys’ clients have
become accustomed to.
Sump Master can be used on pressure applications
when additional monitoring is required on the fuel line,
alternatively it can be used on conventional suction sites
when environmental risks are a concern. The adjustable
bracket system allows the installer to position the
vertical pipe risers in either suction or pressure positions
dependent on the pumping application on site.
The Sump Master system can be supplied fully assembled
in the factory with all associated pipework electrofusion
welded into position and pressure tested per site delivery.
The Sump Master is constructed in stainless steel to
ensure longevity on site in all conditions. The fully
assembled product can be vacuum tested as part of
a quality control measure to make sure all fittings
are both vapour and liquid tight before the site
takes receipt of any fuel.
Sump Master from Berrys – part of the
‘plug-and-play’ forecourt equipment range
Berrys have now covered all of the 4 pipe
connection points on a typical forecourt layout
giving its customers fully factory assembled
‘plug-and-play’ products which include
Mono Gen 2 , Fill Master, Vent Master and
now Sump Master.
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