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The Fill Master, like the Vent Master,
can either be positioned as a
stand-alone device or as an ideal
companion to the Vent Master. It
also utilises the polyethylene stub
connection system which allows for
easy ‘plug-and-play’ between all the
The unit is pre-fabricated by Berrys
off-site to mirror the site requirements.
The filling connections are of high
grade aluminium componentry, fully
welded and pressure tested in our
factory. These arrive on site with the
offset fill caps colour coded to suit the
fuel grade designation.
All of our caps are single arm
type with a padlock system.
Padlocks can be supplied
either with keys to differ or
keys alike depending on the
client’s requirement. We also
utilise our bespoke hinging
system for the caps. This
ensures that caps are never
lost, chains aren’t broken and
therefore remain on site at
all times. Not only are these
hinges extremely easy to
install initially, but are also
simple to replace in the event
of any accidental damage.
For more information or to discuss your site requirements
+44 (0) 121 558 4411
or email
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