Berrys 2016 - page 9

The Fill Protector offers enhanced
protection at the tanker filling positions on
forecourts to prevent accidental vehicular
collisions. The Fill Protector has been
designed to be both a physical barrier
as well as a highly visible indicator. The
system is adjustable to encompass all
types of fill positions and can be colour
coded to match the client’s corporate
identity. The product relies on two side
mounted swing arms that allow the tanker
driver to lift the barrier upwards and
backwards for access to the fill points
when delivering fuel. The barrier is locked
into the ‘open’ position by a magnetic
latching system; this ensures that the
barrier will not fall onto the driver during
the fuel offloading process.
The Fill Protector is supplied as standard
with a highly reflective chevron board
system to visually alert drivers to the
barrier, although this board can be used
to display other information such as
warning statements, fuel grade types or
general branding text.
The Fill Protector can be supplied as
a bolt on accessory to the Berrys Fill
Master system or alternatively can be
retrofitted to existing sites. The mounting
system allows for adjustment to uneven
surfaces so on an existing site the
finished product neatly fits into the
surrounding landscape. Additional bolt
on items can be included to the standard
factory fit; this includes ‘splash back’
plates that help contain any spillage
during the fuel delivery process and
neatly diverts the spillage back towards
the interceptor. Soft set rubber ‘bumpers’
can also be installed when the filling
rack is in a position where customers
could be opening car doors.
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