Berry’s Helps Fight The Great Fuel Robbery

October 18, 2011 1:00 pm

Petrol pipework and forecourt specialists, D Berry & Co., is at the forefront of providing solutions to help fight fuel crime and curb the multi-million pound black market that has erupted in the UK.  Reported last night by BBC Panorama’s programme, The Great Fuel Robbery, Berrys is aware of the white tanker gang that stole £250k of fuel in 6 months, and it is incidents like this that lead industry experts to approach Berrys looking for a suitable deterrent. Already supplying its unique MONO chamber system to most of the majors, Berry’s solution is a simple procedure to incorporate a locking cover to the existing chambers.  The security cover is of a lightweight steel construction that is installed beneath the existing tank chamber cover. It is secured to the chamber by a set of fixings that cannot be accessed without the cover being removed.  The unit is then locked with short shanked security padlocks which are positioned so that they cannot be accessed by cutting tools. Trialled by Morrisons supermarket group, Berry’s security cover is now specified as standard on new builds and retro fits to existing sites.  With comments from West Midlands Police Detective Constable, Simon Pittaway saying they are expecting to see a lot more fuel theft, other supermarket groups and oil companies are quickly trialling the cover with the aim of national roll out.  Panorama quotes, “For the criminal, every price rise at the pump is an opportunity for them to maximise their illegal profit.”  A fact that is facing today’s fuel industry that can be curbed by a simple and economical solution.