Berry’s Security Cover Stops Fuel Theft

January 14, 2011 10:03 am

Following a recent spate of fuel thefts at petrol filling storage tanks, Berrys was approached to come up with a suitable deterrent. Berrys already supplies its unique MONO chamber system to most of the majors and it was a simple procedure to incorporate a locking cover to the existing chambers. The Berry’s security cover is of a lightweight steel construction that is installed beneath the existing tank chamber cover. It is secured to the chamber by means of a set of fixings that cannot be accessed without the cover being removed.  The unit is locked with short shanked security padlocks and these are positioned so that they cannot be accessed by cutting tools. The unit has a powder coated finish, with a number of inspection panels that allow for easy visual inspection of the chamber without having to actually remove the unit. The unit has been trialled by a major supermarket group and is now specified as a standard on new builds and a retro fit program to existing sites has also been approved. Other supermarket groups and oil companies are also in the process of trialling this product. The Berry’s security cover has been designed to fit other chamber system to include Fibrelite, TCI and brick type chambers. In the case of brick chambers either a brief site visit or supplied dimensions would be required.