Full retention separators available in 1 to 3 compartment configurations for forecourt applications, car wash, jet wash etc. Silt TrapSeparators tankEnvironmental Separators tank

Oil Alarm System

These are available to meet PPG3 Guidelines. A visual and audible warning is provided by the control unit. A dedicated tube is provided within the separator.

Separators Class 1

Class I & II Enviroceptors for forecourt applications. Designed to comply with European Standard EN858 and Pollution Precaution PPG3, specifically to contain a spillage from a 7600 litre road tanker compartment.

Silt Traps

Available for car wash and jet wash applications. Hinged heavy duty grill is provided.

Monitoring Wells

12″ diameter cover with an optional galvanised or polyethylene skirt. Water tight lid, with buna seal, incorporates cast-in identification triangle.
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