MIDAS Misfuel / Crossover Identification and Avoidance System will be launched at PetroForum Singapore

March 12, 2012 12:33 pm

Berrys Technologies based in Birmingham, UK is ready to launch one of the most exciting innovations to happen in world forecourt control, at Monday’s PetroForum in Singapore. MIDAS stands for Misfuel / Crossover Identification and Avoidance System.  It is a fully automated intelligent valve system that can discriminate between petrol and diesel fuels. The valve is fitted to above or below filing points and will only allow the correct fuel that has been allocated to that tank to enter the storage space. If it is not the correct fuel the valve will not open and the system will alarm both visually and audibly to warn the driver that there is an error. Berrys’ Technical Director, Jacque Williams explains more, “We initiated this product development after meeting with oil company engineers who indicated that misfuel / crossover storage tanks was a major environmental and financial issue.  Problems of misfuel / crossover include the uplift from and clean up of the tank, pump down time and loss of sales and the cost associated with refining the fuel back to spec.  If the mistake is not realised, customers unwittingly fill their vehicles with the wrong fuel which leads to breaks down and engine damage leading to customer claims, negative publicity and damage to company image.” This claim is supported by a large supermarket group that has conducted cost benefit analysis against a misfuel / crossover event and forecasts a loss of £120,000 per incident. The MIDAS unit is stand alone and powered by a lithium chloride battery pack, able to provide a typical life expectancy of 5-7 years on a site with two fills a day due to its “hibernation mode” during inactive periods.  It is also almost maintenance free.  If the valve does experience a fault it will alarm on the indicator panel that a maintenance call is required. The service engineer will wirelessly connect with the unit via a hand held Datatec unit.  This is used to set the parameters, calibrate the fuel type, capture data and conduct diagnostics tests. Jacque continues, “MIDAS is much more than a misfuel / crossover prevention device.  It also offers black box technology, able to log any attempted misfuel / crossover events in a non volatile memory which can then be used to retrain personal if the misfuel / crossover incidents are common to a particular individual. The only interaction required, will be for the driver to “wake up” the unit with a motion activated key fob which is “waved” over the indicator panel.  The rest if fully automated. Removal of a mechanical overfill requires confined spaces entry and potential health and safety issues showing that another potential problem can be avoided using the MIDAS valve. The MIDAS valve offers affordable misfuel / crossover prevention and brings total control to the filling position.  With the added benefits of being self powered and low maintenance, MIDAS is set to revolutionise the tanker filling process on the forecourt. With its global opportunities MIDAS’ designers, Berrys Technologies designed the product with all known filling positions in mind. For more information visit Berrys Technologies at www.berrys.com.  Berrys Technologies has lead the UK forecourt systems for 46 years specialising in design and manufacture of fuel and vapour transfer systems.