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January 4, 2016 9:59 am

Latest MIDAS installations
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MIDAS from Berrys is helping more sites and delivery drivers avoid potentially costly misfuel / crossover – find out more below or if you want MIDAS to protect your site(s) visit berrys.com or call us now on +44 (0) 121 558 4411

MIDAS installed in Turkey

Following a well-attended exhibition at the Istanbul Petroleum fair, Berrys’ Turkish distributor Interpet has successfully installed Midas in two sites in Istanbul. The sites are for a local dealer who has his service stations branded under the Shell banner. Interpet’s certified trained engineers carried out the install of the MIDAS system to operate not only as a misfuel prevention system, but also

linked the unit into the site ATG to use the MIDAS as a secondary overfill prevention device. The MIDAS receives a signal from the TLS 350 system which then triggers both an audible and visual alarm warning the tanker driver of an impending overfill situation.

The first BP site in Turkey is due to be fitted with MIDAS within the next few weeks, with other major oil companies currently in discussions with Interpet about fitting the MIDAS system on their estates.

MIDAS in Spain

As part of the Costco UK petrol filling station specification, MIDAS has been installed at the new Costco facility in Getafe, Madrid. Berrys’ Spanish distributor Tavicce SSL supplied the equipment and provided site training to the site maintenance company, site operators and the fuel delivery drivers.


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