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Flexi PFS

With UK supermarkets continually looking to increase the number of people passing through their tills, Tesco realised that they had a number of larger Extra stores with no petrol filling station attached.

They performed an exercise that clearly indicated that having a PFS attached to a store encouraged more customers to the store and increased the amount of shoppers through the tills.

Tesco’s vision was that they would effectively offer a small footprint portable petrol filling station to their existing parking spaces at these larger stores and thereby increase their market share.

Tesco initiated talks with Ledbury Welding and Engineering, who are the UK leaders in above ground fuel storage tanks.

Ledbury and Berrys have worked together on many projects in the past and as Berrys’ standard equipment was already specified on conventional Tesco sites it made good sense to make the necessary modifications to the standard equipment so that they could work on a smaller more mobile footprint.

Berrys and Ledbury put their combined experience into motion and by incorporating the already successful Berrys’ pump filling station, came up with a cost effective modular forecourt.

The Berrys’ Flexi pump filling station also incorporates the award winning Midas system that not only offers misfuel / crossover prevention but also acts as an isolation valve, thereby ensuring that reverse flow from the storage tanks back to the filling point is prevented.

Pump Filling Station

With ever increasing concerns regarding environmental safety, the forecourt industry has experienced a level of enforcement from the Environment Agency unlike anything experienced in the past.

If a forecourt/fuel storage facility is being planned in a SPZ1 (source protection zone 1) area, then the stance from the Environment Agency has become rather rigid, in that they insist on the fuel storage tanks being installed above ground and not buried as per traditional design.

Storing fuel above ground is not new to the industry, but with ever shrinking plots of available land and a larger emphasis on parking (supermarkets especially), building above ground fuel storage facilities becomes a very costly affair; the biggest obstacle being the ability to fill the storage tanks. In traditional below ground builds this is easily achieved through a gravity filling operation. In above ground fuel storage systems the fuel must be pumped and when transferring flammable liquids the use of ATEX approved pumping systems is a mandatory requirement in Europe.

Apart from the pumping aspect of the delivery system the pipework, chambers and all associated fittings must be at a minimum secondary contained and monitored in order to prevent leaks or spillages.

Berrys were approached to come up with a solution to this issue and duly designed the Berrys pump filling station comprising a modular that is easy to install, flexible enough to build on or modify and simple enough to operate with a robust mechanical design.

The pump filling station was designed with positive displacement pumps, offering a max flow rate of 995 lpm through the whole delivery, thereby making this system slightly quicker than a conventional system. The pipework is also fitted with various interlocks and manifolds that allow the spare pumps to be used independently or tank specific dependent on the operator’s preference. In the event that a pump fails during operation the adjoining pumps could be used as a temporary pump whilst the failed unit(s) is replaced or repaired; giving peace of mind that the all-important filling operation will never be out of action.

The PFS system also has an electronic flow switch system that automatically shuts down the pump once an “air phase” end of delivery was detected. This automated system takes some of the operator’s interaction out of the equation and offers a protective element to the mechanical pumps.

The whole system is housed in a fully contained sump, which continues the theme of secondary containment and comprises a manual pump down facility which allows the driver to manually empty the delivery hoses in the event of a power cut to site or site shut down due to emergency alarm.

Berrys PFS has been adopted by a number of supermarket groups and looks to be the number one choice for above ground fuel transfers.

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