Steel Flanges And Valves

We hold in stock a vast range of Flanges and Plates, ranging from ¼” to 6”. They can be Galvanised or Black Iron threaded or weldable. We have a comprehensive stock of Valves. We stock, in all sizes, Lever Ball Valves, Gate Valves and Check Valves. We can supply Lockable Valves as well as Spring loaded Valves. Also included in our product range are the Flanged Water Valves for INTERCEPTORS. These can be adapted for both 100mm and 150mm drainage pipe and is supplied complete with gaskets, fixings and operating handle.
Check valveCheck valve
Gate valveGate valve
Intercepter valvesIntercepter valves
Lever ball valveLever ball valve
Lockable lever ball valvesLockable lever ball valves
MF lever ball valveMF lever ball valve
Y strainerY strainer
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