Steel Pipe And Fittings

Although almost 100% of below ground fuel system Pipework is now Polyethene (See DURAPIPE) we at Berrys recognise there is still a demand for Steel, both tube and fittings. These can be required for line alterations of an existing steel system or changes to pumps, vents or tank tops. We have over 3,000 square feet of storage for our Steel Items range. We stock a wide range of Pipe and Fittings, both Galvanized, Black Iron, Wrought Iron and Weldable. Fittings range from a ΒΌ” Plug to a 4″ Tee. We also hold a limited stock of Stainless Steel Fittings.
45 Deg FF Elbow45 Deg FF Elbow
45 Deg MF Bend45 Deg MF Bend
90 Deg FF Elbow90 Deg FF Elbow
90 Deg MF Elbow90 Deg MF Elbow
Barrel NippleBarrel Nipple
Hex BushHex Bush
Hex NippleHex Nipple
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