Vapor Tite Dip Cap

Berrys have designed the Vapor Tite Dip Cap as a solution where sites are required to have an automatic shut off system underneath a manual tank dipping point.

Following the introduction of Stage 2 vapour recovery, tanks can be placed under around 35 millibars of pressure which can be a lot on an 80,000 litre tank, and forecourts were finding that the dip cap they had wasn’t sealing properly. When the operator came to open the cover to access the dip cap point, the chamber would be full of vapour and disperse into a low level area potentially creating an explosive environment.

The Vapor Tite Dip Cap’s shape has been designed with a dip point position to suit the shape of the dip stick, underneath which is a spring loaded, lever type cap system. When the cap is pushed downwards, it pushes out of the way and allows the dipstick to enter the tank easily. When the dipstick is removed, it shuts quickly, with the Viton seal ensuring it is fully sealed. The design means that any pressure behind the seal can’t escape into the dip point chamber.

The robust hinged cap, single arm system allows a padlock to be fitted for extra security. The linkage of the cap is part of the system, giving an advantage over chain based linkages where caps can go missing, and the ability to seal the tank is lost.

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